Cyber Love

You beeped "Hi" and my "Hello" shifted from sappy jokes to maudlin visions of romance.
I hate cheesy conversations but ours just tickled my walled and calloused heart.
I asked for the truth but you chose to deceive me.
I soared into cloud nine but you pulled me down with your lie.
Your avowals drowned me but your melancholic past breathed air into my choking heart.
And I gave you that second chance we both deserve. I can't help it, I have affinity for the broken.
Maybe because I see a part of me in you that was never loved, trying to fit in and hungry for home.
I decided to love you despite it all and when I saw your imperfections, I have loved you even more.  
It was a choice up to now I'm elated to have made.
Even though you are someone from the other side of my monitor, I have learned to love you.
I love you not because our dirty talks aroused me but because your intelligence is sexy.
I love you not because you have wits but because your silly jokes make me genuinely laugh.
It seems like I have known you my entire life and we agree on almost anything.
I love to hear your voice and pixelated face at night.
I love how your voice sounds, so boyish and sweet although it cracks sometimes due to crappy connections.
I love the way you sweep off your bangs and how you grin although at times it freezes.
I love you not because of the superficial things you can offer me.
But it's because of the admirable traits you don't know you have.
And finally, when I saw, held and kissed you that night, I just knew it was you. 
To me you are amazing. I wonder why some people can't see that but I guess that's their problem, not yours.
I am glad my impulsive typing on the keyboard turned a simple Hi into quixotic I love yous and a promise of forever. 
I love you my cyber love and I'm looking forward to our infinity. 



     Thoughts are in disarray like this chaotic head of mine. I want them organized, put them into writing and  transform them into a poem so sublime it'll make you envisage that it's all about you. Yet you keep running in my head, round and round. You make me forget the words but I'd trade those thousand words just to see your silhouette.  Your visage radiates in my head it blinds me but in a good way. Don't you ever get tired? I don't think so because I won't let you. I want you there. No, I love you in there even if it meant sleepless nights. You wake me up in the wee hours and it seems prevalent these past months. You are my first thought. I wake up because of you. It's always you. I love you and I never want to end this euphoria, not today, not in forever. The fire you kindled in my heart is always burning, walloping. I wish you could see it, feel it.

I love you and I miss you. Everyday. Believe me when I say I do.


Share My Sunrise

The winter chill of this Arabian desert is piercing me from skin to bones.
I can't wait for the sun to rise.
I can't wait for it to envelope this cold and foggy morning with it's warmth and glow.
How it scares the shadows wrapping the small mosque not far from me is truly picturesque.
How it makes the tips of the dates' leaves sparkly is captivating.
My view here is magnificent as I wait for the tots to come. 
I wish you're here with me, sharing this breathtaking moment together.
I hope one day we could have memories of watching the sun rise and seeing the world wake up with only our synced heartbeats as melody.
Maybe one day I can finally whisper I love you while we stand hand in hand under the blue and tangerine sky.


Remembering 2013!

A happy new year!

It's been a long while since the last time I visited and posted something on this blog. I was occupied with work, friends and family, making goals and fulfilling some of my dreams. I'm glad to be back!

The 2013 was very dramatic for many of us especially to many of my countrymen who were devastated by the supertyphoon Haiyan. My heart goes to them and with that I realized that many of us are fortunate to be able to make it to another day. We all had our share of ups and downs and 2013 for me was more of making major decisions in life.

I finally decided to let go and forgive those who have hurt me and done me wrong. I'm glad I did because it would've been a waste of great memories and precious times if I hadn't done so. It's a nice feeling to finally able to move on and let go of the bad experiences of the past. :-)

When 2013 commenced, I decided to make some of my plans into actions. However, I got a bit hesitant to start because of the risks. After many contemplations, I decided to try. I started makig things happen and checked some of the items on my bucketlists. I quit my job that I kinda like. It was a battle fought hard and when I thought I was losing, there's always this Hand that always told me to not stop.

2014 is a new year and a new challenge. My motto is to think positive and let the flow of life take me to where I want to go. Cheers!


Of Hospital and boredom

I watch a maelstrom of medical professionals and patients walk past by me. With age and probably my inadequate care for myself has led me to this hospital twice in two months. Nothing serious though. I'm just taking advantage of the healthcare benefit provided by the company I'm working for. Why am I writing this? I'm not used to going to hospitals and I'm just plain bored waiting for my X-ray results.


Quarter Life Crisis

The year 2012 was another year of  fulfilling dreams, changes, heartaches, realizations, moving forwards, independencies and having fun at the same time. Well, at least for me. It was my silver year and although I consider 25 to be still a young age, I admit I'm alarmed at times thinking about what's ahead of me. Yes, I really had a great time and am still enjoying the life and opportunities being offered as a single and young woman but there's a nagging feeling in me of what would it be after all these? I guess this kind of feeling is normal at this stage since many of my peers have started to settle down already. However, this doesn’t mean I want to get married soon. What I'm feeling is about establishing a good and well-off life for the future. This is probably one of life's crisis that we need to face. Quarter life crisis lang ang drama? Maybe. So to keep me a happy bee, I will enjoy life as it is and at the same time start setting long term goals and take them seriously. *wink


A Week With Family

My sister and I had been waiting for November to come because it meant seeing mom and our younger brother. For sis, it had been over two years since she last saw them.  The week before their arrival, we were pretty excited and had to decline  a few social invitations. 

 I'd trade a 1 week all expense-paid trip to Italy just to spend a day with my family whom I haven't seen for months or years and I know many would do the same. weh? ;-P

Moi, brother and Mom.

Sis and Mom

Moi and Brotha

We spent the days roaming the metro, splurging a little and more quality time. The week spent with them was one of the happiest. ♥

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” 
― Maya Angelou

*photos taken using my phone 


Explore. Dream. Discover.

It was quarter past 7pm. Everybody was scurrying, the usual hubbub. A faint breeze fanned our faces as we walked towards the bus stop.  Small beads of sweat formed my forehead. That bustling evening was extremely humid. He puffed a smoke as we waited for his old friend. We were both giddy, we knew that we can almost taste the one thing that we were dreamin' of.  After a couple of puffs from the cigarette he was hitting, the wait was over. We took a cab and went southwest. Where we're headed was unfamiliar but that didn’t rub the excitement we felt. Three songs had finished when we took a stop…

A part of my favorite quote by Mark Twain.

 …and under a starless black sky of November 20th, I finally got inked. 


I need space

These past few weeks had been fun but at the same time extremely exhausting. Rainy season is here but it's still hot as hell everytime Mr. Sunshine says hello. Life here at my small space is not what it's supposed to be and I'm not a happy camper anymore. I'm looking for a new place and these are the pictures that keeps coming back to my mind everytime I think about it.

But seriously, I just need a space where there is solitude and comfort. After spending days, money and effort, I finally found one. A bit expensive for what it's worth but it'll be fine. I'll be moving in next month and hopefully, everything will turn out great for me. I'm crossing my fingers.


The Wanderer

Lately, I've been thinking about riding a bus, getting on a train, a plane or simply walking down on an unfamiliar street in a totally strange land. I can feel that the wanderer in me is itching  again to go someplace  and explore a whole new world. I'm mulling about leaving the same work environment where I am in for the past 4 years of my life and live like a nomad. But I know that's something that I should think over and over again before making that final and huge decision of where I should be. A friend once said that once you experience being in the BPO industry, there's no turning back. Yes that can be true especially when you're being paid more than the usual rate. But I know I'm the only one who can make that final call especially when we're talking about my happiness.  Why am I writing this? Maybe I'm just tired of doing the same routine 5 days a week or maybe I'm not just happy with what my current work has to offer. I don't know but one thing's for certain, I crave for adventure and new experience and yes this is one of the major reasons why I keep on moving from one place to another. When I was younger, I said that I want to be in a corporate world and wear those  uncomfortable suits. It felt so perfect back then but now I feel unsure about it anymore. Maybe I can do both, work in a corporate world and at the same time be a spontaneous traveler. Maybe do the same thing as what Sarah Jessica Parker does in the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" or perhaps become a travel writer. Maybe I can also do what one of my favorite local travel blogger does. Work online and travel to places where I want to go. I can be very indecisive and maybe this is one of those times which is brought about my being bored at work. I shouldn't be complaining about my current job because I'm more than blessed enough but I hope there's more to it than this. If things don’t go my way, then at least God, make me love my work and the environment where I am in right now.