My Random Thoughts

The music player has been playing songs since quarter past eight today. Most of the songs played reach the core of the heart but brings no effect on me. Mr. Sunshine is up today but dark clouds are forming over the horizon. They're headed our way and there's a great chance that its going to rain later this afternoon or tonight. The air from the ceiling fan is causing my head to spin and I feel like I'm drowning. Regardless, I'm still writing because I want to and I'm feeling sprightly today to be lying on bed. 

The room is messy and I'm on the dirty floor sitting like an Indian because we don't have any chair to seat on. I can hear the dogs barking, I hear the sound of planes flying to and fro, I hear someone playing the guitar. I can hear the sound of someone sweeping the lonely streets below. I don't know where this is headed but I just wanted to keep on writing until my fingers sore. 

I promiscuously sing with my music player, sometimes singing my heart out uncaring about the next-door neighbors' reaction. I'm browsing someone's blog because the way he writes inspires me. Every time I write something like this, I always check his blog and maybe after reading his posts three more times, I'll probably memorize every word. 

It's starting to get really hot.My hands and feet are sweating.I hate the big fly buzzing around and I don't know how it got here. I wish I could swat it with my two hands but that would be too gross. I would be traversing the busy streets of the city later to have some fun and maybe meet new people. Life in the city is totally different from my simple and solitude life way back home but I feel no regrets. 

It's seventeen minutes past two. I'll end this for now and write and rant some more next time. 


The Happy Saver!

Lately I've really been thinking about my future and what it will bring. At the age of 24, I know I'm still young to take life seriously. But there's no harm in planning a brighter future for myself as early as now right? To start off, I opened a new bank account and started saving. Yehey, a big clap for myself! This is surely one great first step for me considering my attitude of being a compulsive-buyer. By saving a portion of my hard-earned salary, I could be able to invest on something more valuable like a real estate property or a car or probably take a luxury vacation abroad. With discipline and willingness, I know I can make it! Good luck to myself!