Reason and Purpose

While waiting for a friend's SMS, I busied myself reading tweets in Twitter. I came across this user (we don't follow each other but in real life situation, I know her and vice versa) who tweeted about her not being followed and just posted her blog link. Anyway, after reading her blog, I am really impressed and got me reading into some other blogs and articles/posts. The thing here is, what's my reason for making a blog?

I was introduced to the blogosphere maybe last year but haven't given much interest to it mainly because I don't have spare time.  Earlier this year, I decided to create an account from one of the free hosting sites which is Webs.com but I was kinda having a hard time figuring it's capacities so I signed in for Blogger.com. It was sitting in an empty space for a while, devoid of blogs and posts. 

When I started bumming, I took the time of exploring the wonders of blogging. The first thing that motivated me was to write simply because it has been a passion ever since. After delving deeper into the the world of blogging, I thought, why not earn while doing what I want? I tried putting ads and stuffs on my blog as well as created posts not related to me but no success owing to a lack of research and I must admit, what am I compared to the veteran bloggers out there? So I accepted the fact that my blog is only meant for reading and not earning. After giving much thought about it, what's really my purpose for continuing the blog?

I don't really have a target audience and not much of a follower but my purpose of continuing my blog is for self satisfaction. For feeding the hunger in me due to the cravings of  passion. Though I may not always update it and comes/may come to a point where it was/will be dormant for days or months, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll end my passion. It will be sitting and hanging here 'til I post something. 

Blog to some is like an online counterpart. There are times when it is  left hanging or no changes until we figure something out.:-D


Cool Off

7:44pm..The time on my computer. Not that late yet so I decided to check my withering blog. Unfortunately, due to my being a moron, which I think is innate has stroke again. I deleted one my supposed posts and it really pissed me off. Anyway, this past days I noticed that the posts I'd been putting on my blog are all the same. I couldn't really explain but one thing for sure, these days I've decided to take a vacation from writing. Cool off, I guess if compared to relationships. Not this month but sooner. I'll take it slowly for I can't seem to find the deep words I've been cerebrating. It's like I've written them for the purpose of putting something on my blog. Besides, I think and hope that I'll be bound somewhere to fulfill my dreams and maybe remove "un" from unfullfilled, take a shot on second chances. I should end my quite sedentary lifestyle here at home because reality is banging at my door and I can't seem to ignore it any longer. Too much drama!->superlative to the highest level!

I finished Anne Rice's Mayfair Chronicles, took me a month to read all the three books which is way overdue. There's still a lot of books to finish and explore.So right now, I'll try to finish those good reads. It's 8:10pm. Another overdue for a short post.


Start Counting

It seemed like yesterday when I was scribbling my first post for August and now I'm doing the same thing except that it's already September. Indeed, days passed by fleetingly unnoticed, even more when something keeps your precious time. Gee, it was a well-spent time on my case putting a big grin on my face. Wee! Keep those stuffs comin'!

Perseverance and hardwork paid off and hopefully will continue to pave way for more. Thanks to Unravel, Experience, my neglected travel blog but unexpectedly my indirect fortune tree. As a sign of my thank you to my travel blog, I wish to go journey to an undiscovered place or anywhere to rejuvenate my dormant Unravel, Experience. Then again, still a wish...soon!

September, start of the BER month. People have begun counting the days for Christmas is near and the year is soon going to end.  Another year means another one year addition to our age. We can never really tell time. I'm getting old! Now, I can really relate to the facebook fanpage that says "Remember when we were YOUNG and couldn't wait to grow up? ...WOW, what the hell were we thinking!?!?"....so damn true!