thoughts are flowing from my head. like a river, powerful and deep. i want to put these thoughts into writing but not all. nostalgia is creeping up on me as i scan photos, read recent posts and heartwarming stories over the web. behind those cottony clouds, the sun is hiding. but these clouds can't hide the wind that's forcing it's way into my window. it feels good to chat with an old friend. i feel like time machine has pulled me back to my adolescence. relieving happy memories is bittersweet. it gives you joy at the same time makes you sad knowing you can't go back to those days. but who am i to complain?i had happy days and for sure i will have, even better. i know.

i wonder where my thoughts will take me. a few hours more and the day's light will go into slumber. i'm thinking of a total stranger. someone i barely know yet makes the butterfly in my stomach flutter. not typical of me to write something like this but yes that stranger makes me feel that way. i guess my thoughts have wondered too far. the song cry me a river is on the background, the fan whirs and the rest is silence. it's solitude. 

i'm almost awake 24 hours. i'll catch some sleep and maybe dreams will take me even farther.