The Wanderer

Lately, I've been thinking about riding a bus, getting on a train, a plane or simply walking down on an unfamiliar street in a totally strange land. I can feel that the wanderer in me is itching  again to go someplace  and explore a whole new world. I'm mulling about leaving the same work environment where I am in for the past 4 years of my life and live like a nomad. But I know that's something that I should think over and over again before making that final and huge decision of where I should be. A friend once said that once you experience being in the BPO industry, there's no turning back. Yes that can be true especially when you're being paid more than the usual rate. But I know I'm the only one who can make that final call especially when we're talking about my happiness.  Why am I writing this? Maybe I'm just tired of doing the same routine 5 days a week or maybe I'm not just happy with what my current work has to offer. I don't know but one thing's for certain, I crave for adventure and new experience and yes this is one of the major reasons why I keep on moving from one place to another. When I was younger, I said that I want to be in a corporate world and wear those  uncomfortable suits. It felt so perfect back then but now I feel unsure about it anymore. Maybe I can do both, work in a corporate world and at the same time be a spontaneous traveler. Maybe do the same thing as what Sarah Jessica Parker does in the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" or perhaps become a travel writer. Maybe I can also do what one of my favorite local travel blogger does. Work online and travel to places where I want to go. I can be very indecisive and maybe this is one of those times which is brought about my being bored at work. I shouldn't be complaining about my current job because I'm more than blessed enough but I hope there's more to it than this. If things don’t go my way, then at least God, make me love my work and the environment where I am in right now. 


Summer Fun

Summer heat should not be the reason not to have fun.

Spent the last part of summer with hometown friends. Of course, pig-outs, long talks and laughs are all part of the fun. Long time friend Raiza and her BFF finally decided to take a risk in the big city. With all those efforts of finding jobs, new place to stay and all the things in between, I'm hoping that success will soon come their way.

The company's annual Sportsfest was fun. It was a big break from all the stress at work and we all knew that we had a great time. 

Whether it be expensive fastfood chain or really cheap food house just outside the office, it's time to treat ourselves. Had fun eating out and talking with office-mates.


The Greatest Job in The World

A lot of people say that the best job in the word is being a mom. You get no monetary gains but you can have all the happiness and joy that you can have without paying a single dime. I'm not a mother myself but I know that this is true. I can attest to it because I have a lot of friends who are moms and I can see the glowing happiness in their eyes as they tell stories of their kids. Most of all, I have experienced that great motherly love in the arms of my mom. 

This special day I just want to say Happy Mother's day to my Mom and to all the mother's out there!


Happy Birthday Ding!

My sister's celebrating another year and I hope she'll have a blast! I haven't seen her for years and we sorely miss her. (cheesenaks!) My brother and I call her Manding because my parents say that it's a Filipino tag used by  younger siblings as a sign of respect to their 2nd older siblings similar to Ate and Kuya. Manding may often times not be the wisest when it comes to making decisions but definitely she's the most caring, kindest and compassionate sibling I've known. Yeehaw!

Sissy and I way back.

I miss her crazy and lunatic antics. I don't know when I'm going to see Manding again but hopefully sooon. I am wishing you all the best in life and may you have all your heart's desire!


What's currently happening?

For the past few months, I've been complaining how hot it is and yes, it still is hot as hell where I am at right now. I'm suffering from cough and cold due to this extreme weather and hopefully it will subside soon. But lately there are signs of rain already since summer's going to end in a couple of weeks. I don't know if that is something I should look forward to or not because when it rains here, it rains hard. Since summer's going to say farewell soon, I've bought a cheap voucher online for an end-of-summer getaway to hundred islands, Pangasinan. I'm not saying anything yet but I hope it all goes well. 

I've been telling myself to save since the beginning of year however I am really failing. But I am saying no to negativity because every second is a time to get up and everyday's a fresh new start. I'm not raising the white flag and I'm going to save, save, save!

Everybody's noticing that I am gaining weight and I know they're telling the truth. Alarming!!! I know since the beginning of time that I can't resist the power of food that's why I'd been hitting the gym, jogging or doing cardio exercises. I've got enough time yet I don't know why I'd stopped going to the gym. I really need to do something about this. Therefore, I am saying hello again to gym next next week. :-)