The Call Center Agent

I've read this before and got this picture from Google. I can relate to this because I am one.☺



When I checked my blog today, I just found out that it has been more than a year since I started making posts. Yey for that! I'd reread the posts that I published and yikes they gave me goosebumps! I realized that many of them are cheesy craps full of sentiments, whines and rants.☺ I'm not the sentimental type of person that is why it makes me wonder why I wrote all of those things. Probably, the other side of me went out of its cage. 

It's good to know that this blog is still alive after thinking a lot of times that I will stop writing. Now that this blog has been online for more than a year already, I'm quite sure that I will not let go of this one. This blog will surely save my brain from memorizing all the bad and good memories of my life. And if ever I get famous, people can just browse my blog which will save me a hell lot of trouble. Dream on! LOL!