March Madness

My social meter for this month is higher than usual. I've got the opportunity to re-meet, talk, eat and have fun with amazingly wonderful people. 

After many months of not seeing and talking with each other, I finally met up with my BIG (literally :-D) sister. Ate dropped by in town for work and to make the most of her visit, we met up and had sisterly bonding (cheesy).

Bilbil and katabaan moments with Ate!

Also, I got to see my old highschool friends and schoolmates again after 8 long years. We got to reminisce  about the past when days were young and innocent, talk about our lives after highschool, share stories and news about what's currently happening and just say anything stupid. 

Chikahan and takaw moments.

There had been a lot of changes at work. I'd been from phone to chat to phone to chat and now back to phone support. This means that I was transferred from one team to another.It was totally crazy.

Meet my new teammates.
Not only was I able to chitchat with people physically but also virtually. With technology, communication is a whole lot better bridging the distance between family and friends. March 2012 is a pig-out and socially active month.


A Filipino Movie

I'm not the greatest patronizer of Filipino movies and it has been quite a long time since the last time I saw one. When I checked the latest in the film industry, one Filipino movie caught my eye probably because old and vintage tickle my interest. In addition, it's a drama-horror film with a different kind of twist.

*I don't own this photo
I love how the visuals were presented, how the characters were portrayed and how the plot was nicely done. I know there could be better movies than this but I like it and it's the kind of movie that made me ponder after watching it. Plus, it was a movie treat from a friend! 


Staying Strong

There  are times that we would undergo some kind of emotional turmoil, times of dips instead of dives. However, if we take it positively, it would made us come to our senses that there is an oasis waiting at the end of this long desert road. We must not forget that the power of the Ever Omniscient is always  there constantly reminding us that things happen for a reason, a better reason. I have known and seen people who have experienced emotional downfall. Those who stood up strong have indeed become a better person. They showed the world a kind of attitude, talent and skills that I never thought they possess. It is true indeed that what hurt us wouldn't kill us but would make us stronger. So if you're feeling down and think that it's the end of everything, think about the happy times, the people who's always there for you. Most of all, think about yourself. You have already reached this far. Don't  let one ungrateful experience ruin the million achievements that you had and will have. Pick yourself up and let the world know that you're still alive and kicking. 

First Stop?

I finally got my hands on this little brown book. The question is:
When and where is my first stop?