thoughts are flowing from my head. like a river, powerful and deep. i want to put these thoughts into writing but not all. nostalgia is creeping up on me as i scan photos, read recent posts and heartwarming stories over the web. behind those cottony clouds, the sun is hiding. but these clouds can't hide the wind that's forcing it's way into my window. it feels good to chat with an old friend. i feel like time machine has pulled me back to my adolescence. relieving happy memories is bittersweet. it gives you joy at the same time makes you sad knowing you can't go back to those days. but who am i to complain?i had happy days and for sure i will have, even better. i know.

i wonder where my thoughts will take me. a few hours more and the day's light will go into slumber. i'm thinking of a total stranger. someone i barely know yet makes the butterfly in my stomach flutter. not typical of me to write something like this but yes that stranger makes me feel that way. i guess my thoughts have wondered too far. the song cry me a river is on the background, the fan whirs and the rest is silence. it's solitude. 

i'm almost awake 24 hours. i'll catch some sleep and maybe dreams will take me even farther. 


My Random Thoughts

The music player has been playing songs since quarter past eight today. Most of the songs played reach the core of the heart but brings no effect on me. Mr. Sunshine is up today but dark clouds are forming over the horizon. They're headed our way and there's a great chance that its going to rain later this afternoon or tonight. The air from the ceiling fan is causing my head to spin and I feel like I'm drowning. Regardless, I'm still writing because I want to and I'm feeling sprightly today to be lying on bed. 

The room is messy and I'm on the dirty floor sitting like an Indian because we don't have any chair to seat on. I can hear the dogs barking, I hear the sound of planes flying to and fro, I hear someone playing the guitar. I can hear the sound of someone sweeping the lonely streets below. I don't know where this is headed but I just wanted to keep on writing until my fingers sore. 

I promiscuously sing with my music player, sometimes singing my heart out uncaring about the next-door neighbors' reaction. I'm browsing someone's blog because the way he writes inspires me. Every time I write something like this, I always check his blog and maybe after reading his posts three more times, I'll probably memorize every word. 

It's starting to get really hot.My hands and feet are sweating.I hate the big fly buzzing around and I don't know how it got here. I wish I could swat it with my two hands but that would be too gross. I would be traversing the busy streets of the city later to have some fun and maybe meet new people. Life in the city is totally different from my simple and solitude life way back home but I feel no regrets. 

It's seventeen minutes past two. I'll end this for now and write and rant some more next time. 


The Happy Saver!

Lately I've really been thinking about my future and what it will bring. At the age of 24, I know I'm still young to take life seriously. But there's no harm in planning a brighter future for myself as early as now right? To start off, I opened a new bank account and started saving. Yehey, a big clap for myself! This is surely one great first step for me considering my attitude of being a compulsive-buyer. By saving a portion of my hard-earned salary, I could be able to invest on something more valuable like a real estate property or a car or probably take a luxury vacation abroad. With discipline and willingness, I know I can make it! Good luck to myself!


One Year More

It's past 1am and I'm already sleepy but I don't want to sleep yet.  My phone's playing the saved songs and my roommate is probably having her dreams. The last two days had been terrible due to rain and harsh wind which cause our umbrellas to turn upside down. I really want to write something different and nice today but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. This is the second draft I made because the internet connection fucked up and I lost my first draft.

The month of September marks another year of my life. My birthdays don't excite me that much but I'm really thankful with the life that has been given to me and appreciate the people who made my life more meaningful. My undying thanks! I wish myself more birthdays to come coupled with happiness and contentment.☺

Few days before my 24th birthday. (This photo is proof that I super love myself, a narcissist.LOL)

For the last couple of months, I was really feeling happy but just this afternoon, my spirit is down because I know I made some pretty lame alibis that might have disappointed and hurt other people's feelings. It might have hurt them but I know I did the right thing because I dont want to make complicated things become more complicated. I don't want to entangle myself to a relationship which I'm not part of in the first place.

Matters of the heart can become so complicated but love sometimes work that way. Of course, I'm not talking about my love story because mine hasn't come yet. LoL! I'm talking about these two people I know who found love in each other's arm but both of  them are tied down to their own unhappy married life. Oh well, love works in a different way. I wish them the best whatever that is.



In my line of work, it is normal to work at night and sleep during the day. However, after months of being back in this industry, my body clock is still having difficulties adjusting to rotating shifts. Often times, I wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep. Today I only slept an hour or two and after having to do nothing, I'd made some research about different sleep disorders. I think I'm experiencing Circadian rhythm disorder or simply shift work sleep disorder. This type of sleeping disorder happens when our biological clock and work schedule are not in sync. Right now, I'm tracking my sleep patterns and engaging myself in activities that will help me sleep like reading and I always take advantage of those days when I had the opportunity to sleep peacefully.

Isn't it nice to be able to sleep as peacefully as this sweet little angel?

Sleep is one of life's luxuries that we can't afford.


Miss Independent

I know I can do it!

For the past two months, I was having difficulties going to and from work. But after too much contemplation, I've finally decided to move in to my new place which is a 15-minute ride from work. It's small and I share it with a co-employee but we have our own bathroom and water and electricity are already included in the monthly rent. Cheap right? Yey!

This experience is not new to me but it still gave me excitement and quite a bit of hesitation because I'm going to start again from scratch and I only have myself to depend to. But looking forward, it's fun to know that I can stay out late at night, go home anytime I want, manage my own finances and everything in between. Independence can definitely bring a hell lot of fun!☺♥


The Call Center Agent

I've read this before and got this picture from Google. I can relate to this because I am one.☺



When I checked my blog today, I just found out that it has been more than a year since I started making posts. Yey for that! I'd reread the posts that I published and yikes they gave me goosebumps! I realized that many of them are cheesy craps full of sentiments, whines and rants.☺ I'm not the sentimental type of person that is why it makes me wonder why I wrote all of those things. Probably, the other side of me went out of its cage. 

It's good to know that this blog is still alive after thinking a lot of times that I will stop writing. Now that this blog has been online for more than a year already, I'm quite sure that I will not let go of this one. This blog will surely save my brain from memorizing all the bad and good memories of my life. And if ever I get famous, people can just browse my blog which will save me a hell lot of trouble. Dream on! LOL!


Taking Risks!

I grew up in a small town and as a typical small town girl, I’ve always wanted to go to the big city to fulfill my dreams and experience a different kind of life. My family and some of my friends asked me why I need to go far. They suggested that I stay home and find a decent job in town. I’m grateful for their advices but I’m the type of person who wants more out of life than sit down and wait for something to happen. I play safe but most of the time, I like to take risks and I want to encounter new challenges because they make life more interesting and exciting. I like to learn new things and I don’t want to limit myself to things that are already there. I want to go far and reach my dreams with hardwork and perseverance. Call me ambitious, I don’t care because that’s what I am.

After facing a lot of obstacles, finally, I’m here. It’s tough especially when you’re a stranger. However, nothing and no one can stop me from doing the things that I want to do. Every day, I battle with stress due to grueling work demands and schedules, heavy traffic, bad weather condition, pollution, dirty environment, and long hours of travel from work to home and back and forth. Despite all of these, I remain motivated and the best thing is, the passion to reach my dreams is still there. I’ve never felt so driven in my entire life! I don’t know what lies ahead but right now, I’ll do my best to get what I want. 


High School Friends

Was suppose to publish this long ago but I had important things to sort out. Anyway, here it goes...

Highschool is not only about boring classes and rules. It is also about discovering yourself as an adolescent and coming out of your shell. But it would be pretty dull and lifeless if you don't have friends who will show you what highschool life should be-fun!

This photo was taken almost 2 years ago. Our first major reunion.

Our second reunion. It was super fun but unfortunately, only four of us showed up. Bittersweet!

Not one of those major reunions but a small get together with hyper Alvina. 


Happy New Year!

Even before the first strike of 2011, the colorful fireworks display had aleady dominated the starless sky. The air was thick with smoke and our dog was hiding somewhere in the corner scared of the joyous noise. As tradition, we had food on the table for the media noche despite the shaky financial status and is something to be thanked for. It is actually a big blessing considering that there are those who are out in the cold street with only fireworks display to feast their eyes on. 

When I first started this post, my initial thought was to write about new year's resolution because it is what people seem to talk about during this time of the year. However,  I realized that I'm not good at it so I erased the crazy idea. I also considered writing about my rants regarding my virtual boss but he's not worth it no matter how insignificant my blog is. I even started writing about the people who made a big impact in my 2010 life but I can't still find the right words to say. So here I am...

...and maybe it would be better if I just ask:

What will I/you miss about 2010?
And what will 2011 bring?

Great things start from small beginnings-Milo ☺
We all love beginnings and 2011 is here. Let's make it happen this time.
I hope it's not yet too late to say Happy New Year! ☺♥