Looking at this photo reminds me of school. Our afternoon snack. I miss school.

"Bahala ug saging basta labing"

A wonderful statement but reality says otherwise.


Snail Mail

   A mail came by almost an hour ago. It's the old school type where the postman drops the letter at your doorstep. A snail mail as they say. The only letters we receive except for occasional family-matter letters are bills.  The letter I got was from Google and I wondered what it was. Good news,  it was some sort of a one time voucher worth a thousand bucks for me to use on my site. Bad news, it expired. I didn't go gaga over it when I opened the mail but the question is, does it take that long for us to receive the letters? I was suppose to receive it before end of September and now the first week of November is almost done. Another instance where my mom was expecting an important letter and instead of waiting she went to the post office. Guess what? The letter has been sitting there for more than a month already. What if it's a matter of life and death like someone sends you a letter cause he's dying and wanted to see you. By the time you receive it, he's been buried already. Instead of getting angry, I sort of laugh it off. The Philippine Post Office has been a subject of scrutiny as well as ridicule for sometime now not only because of the delayed deliveries but also with some serious cases of theft. Is this the kind of prize we are getting for the taxes that we are contributing just to compensate the asses of those who are not doing their job well? No wonder private companies that cater cargo and courier services are booming.