One Year More

It's past 1am and I'm already sleepy but I don't want to sleep yet.  My phone's playing the saved songs and my roommate is probably having her dreams. The last two days had been terrible due to rain and harsh wind which cause our umbrellas to turn upside down. I really want to write something different and nice today but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. This is the second draft I made because the internet connection fucked up and I lost my first draft.

The month of September marks another year of my life. My birthdays don't excite me that much but I'm really thankful with the life that has been given to me and appreciate the people who made my life more meaningful. My undying thanks! I wish myself more birthdays to come coupled with happiness and contentment.☺

Few days before my 24th birthday. (This photo is proof that I super love myself, a narcissist.LOL)

For the last couple of months, I was really feeling happy but just this afternoon, my spirit is down because I know I made some pretty lame alibis that might have disappointed and hurt other people's feelings. It might have hurt them but I know I did the right thing because I dont want to make complicated things become more complicated. I don't want to entangle myself to a relationship which I'm not part of in the first place.

Matters of the heart can become so complicated but love sometimes work that way. Of course, I'm not talking about my love story because mine hasn't come yet. LoL! I'm talking about these two people I know who found love in each other's arm but both of  them are tied down to their own unhappy married life. Oh well, love works in a different way. I wish them the best whatever that is.



In my line of work, it is normal to work at night and sleep during the day. However, after months of being back in this industry, my body clock is still having difficulties adjusting to rotating shifts. Often times, I wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep. Today I only slept an hour or two and after having to do nothing, I'd made some research about different sleep disorders. I think I'm experiencing Circadian rhythm disorder or simply shift work sleep disorder. This type of sleeping disorder happens when our biological clock and work schedule are not in sync. Right now, I'm tracking my sleep patterns and engaging myself in activities that will help me sleep like reading and I always take advantage of those days when I had the opportunity to sleep peacefully.

Isn't it nice to be able to sleep as peacefully as this sweet little angel?

Sleep is one of life's luxuries that we can't afford.


Miss Independent

I know I can do it!

For the past two months, I was having difficulties going to and from work. But after too much contemplation, I've finally decided to move in to my new place which is a 15-minute ride from work. It's small and I share it with a co-employee but we have our own bathroom and water and electricity are already included in the monthly rent. Cheap right? Yey!

This experience is not new to me but it still gave me excitement and quite a bit of hesitation because I'm going to start again from scratch and I only have myself to depend to. But looking forward, it's fun to know that I can stay out late at night, go home anytime I want, manage my own finances and everything in between. Independence can definitely bring a hell lot of fun!☺♥