Rain, rain go away!

Rain often times put a smile on the farmer's faces especially when there is drought. Puts us into a state where we just want to lie in bed or drink and sip a hot coffee or soup while watching the rain drop. Yesterday, it was raining cats and dogs. The wind was howling, almost uprooting some of the trees here. The rain lashed everything that blocks its way. Today, it rained again. The clouds are so thick that it made the middle afternoon look like dusk. There were times before that the rain was harder than yesterday's and today's however, it brings the memory of storm Ondoy especially now that Megi or Juan is in the country. What will Juan bring? Another Ondoy-like trauma? Good thing I live in the southern part of the Philippines but what about those who are in the northern part of the country? We can never defeat nature's wrath but there are always precautions that we can follow. I hope that the country is ready this time as a lesson learned from Ondoy and welcomes a new sunshine with everything standing still and not with corpses and broken properties. 



About 6 or 7 years ago, we made a pact on the big rock and coconut tree in front of MSU-High Gensan. Probably that big rock  had long been pulverized and the tree had been totally chopped down when there was a major improvement on our alma mater but our memories haven't.

J3AESRAC, the best high school barkada. Our senior year, 6 years ago. Taken after our Christmas party.

The pact was about us, to reunite on October 10, 2010. We swore that no matter how busy we are, we'll come back home wherever we are and meet again on that same spot where the big rock was once seated. But things change and we're already grownups and have our responsibilities. So I guess, it's a matter of acting as a grownup rather than compromising commitments over childish promises. This doesn't necessarily mean that friendship have been taken for granted since after all these years, we still keep in touch and remain as very good friends. I think that's all that matters.

Jervin, Jezel and Cherrie Anne are all callcenter slaves based in Manila and Davao respectively. Jessica, Alvina, and Cherrie Anne all have their very own family so it's another thing aside from school (Jessica's part)  and work that keeps them rooted where they are. Arthur is also busy setting things right with his life (hope he is serious this time) and is currently in Davao. Last time we saw Eris was around late last year to early this year. Unfortunately as of the moment, we don't have current news about her. She's also busy with her work so I guess that's for us to consider. So, it all boiled down to this...

I and Raiza. Our pre-celebration for 10.10.10. (oct. 7, 2010)

We, who have all the time in the world decided to just enjoy for the J3AESRAC's 10.10.10.

There is magic in long-distance friendships.  They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.  ~Diana Cortes


A Letter

To You,

I never thought that I'd be making a post since I'd always kept our conversations very private. It's always been You and I. But I've always wanted to do this and as they say, "shout what you feel". On my part, I'll write what I feel. 

I don't intend on making a long post because I still want to keep our conversations as private as possible. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with me. For my stubbornness. For the lack of understanding. For the countless rants. For the immaturity. For the broken promises. For mistrust. For doubting. For being a traitor at times. For being the mean, imperfect me. 

Despite all those, You remained the opposite of who I am. You remain the perfect You. 

Thank You...
I love You...

You're always number one GOD.

Me with 


The Commuter

I found commuting one of the greatest hassles in life. A hassle but a remarkable experience.

I've been a commuter almost all my life. Probably started doing it on my own and acquired it as a "skill" when I was a freshman way back in high school. This is one of the effects of selling the family's car plus my siblings's and parents's schedules were conflicting already. I was really nervous back then, afraid that my fare won't be enough or I might get lost. Anyway, as time moves on, I learned the techniques of riding public jeepneys, tricycles, etc and when and how much to pay. It's just a matter of asking and sometimes arguing (kung likas na manggagantso and driver). 

It's one of the hassles of life because...
  1. It's not your vehicle. You have limitations when it comes to destination. 
  2. When the weather is tough and you need to go somewhere else (as in, urgent!), rides are hard to find. 
  3. You get either an insult or a mocking face from the driver if you're trying to complain about being overcrowded. So, you don't really have a choice but to shut up or get out of the vehicle.
  4. There are also those stupid drivers who drive as if they own the way and you hang on for your dear life. At the stop, you get a stressed face and a nauseous feeling. 
  5. At peak hours, you should be vigilant, strong-willed and have those senses ready to either run after the vehicle or get mobbed by fellow commuters.
These are only a few of my bad experiences as being a commuter.

It's a remarkable experience because....
  1. You get to ride (sometimes meet/know) with different people from different walks of life. 
  2.  Free chismis. You get to overhear what the other passenger is talkin' about.
  3.  Free movie. You get to see couples who do public-display-of-affection thingy.
  4. Sometimes, you get to ride with your crush or blessedly, with your lover and hold hands while riding the time of your life. :-D
  5. You have that feeling of solitude where your mind wanders anywhere despite the presence of other commuters and think about the things that happened and will happen.
There's still a lot under this list. Maybe not enough room for that so I just gave five. 

I just commuted today and overcame the fear of sitting at the tricycle's front seat after the incident 8 months ago. I'm glad I did.


Vietnamese Invasion

Generally, women are vain.

With regard to that, I was and am hooked to video logs in Youtube. These v-logs I'm subscribing are all about make-up. Although I don't put make-up all the time, I still find it necessary for us women to learn the basics. What I did? Searched Youtube and found Xteener and Michelle Phan. They are Vietnamese American girls who do make-up tutorials and do their thing well.

After viewing a vlog from someone I can't remember, I came up with Xteener. What I like about Xteener is she goes for drugstore and inexpensive products. She also gives honest reviews on the products she is using and takes her time explaining things to allow viewers to understand her tutorials. This I find very comprehensive.

After veiwing almost all of Xteener's videos, I stumbled upon Michelle Phan. Michelle Phan is very popular and I guess more popular than Xteener and she's also a video spokesperson for Lancome. So from there, you have an idea of how popular she is. The thing about Michelle is that aside from make-up tutorials, she also has beauty and style home-remedy tips. I did actually learn from her how to lengthen the size of my shoe by freezing it and it worked. Aside from that I also learned to make use of eyeshadow makeups into lip-colors with the use of petroleum jelly. 

Personally, when it comes to make-up tutorials, I prefer Xteener over Michelle Phan because she is more detailed in explaining things and if compared to gadgets, I see her as more user-friendly. I also find Xteener's tutorial more natural, fit for everyday use. For Michelle Phan, undoubtedly she is a very good make-up artist but what I love about her is her home-remedy tips. Her tips show that you can be the best you can just by being resourceful. 

"Vanity is my favourite sin." -Al Pacino


Remembering September

It's a hot first day of October. It is so hot that even while sitting, I am sweating and to think that our house is situated in a place where there are plenty of trees and vegetation. The sun is not at its full peak so I guess the right term for this is "humid." Personally, today's weather is comparable to that of September. It was not at its full peak yet it is worth the buzz! Why? Because...

September was the month for all the aftermaths that had happened in August. The "major major" thingy of Ms. Venus Raj wasn't stale yet especially when there was an additional blunder from the former Ms. Universe Gloria Diaz regarding it.  The hostage taking scene at Quirino Grand Stand was still one of the talks of the town, whether Filipinos are still allowed or not to enter the territory of Hongkong after the drama. Good news is, yes, we are still allowed to go there. At least it won't spoil the fun of the Disneyland and shopping dreamers including me. Another thing was the controversial showbiz talk like that of Mariel and Robin who had a whirlwind romance in addition to Charice's casting on Glee. It was also a month to remember the 9/11 tragedy. 

September is also my birth month that no matter what I do, it will always play a big part in my heart. Although we only had ice cream and chocolate cupcakes on my birth day still, I am thankful for reaching this age and for getting my fair share of blessings plus the greetings from family and friends are more than enough to celebrate my day. It was 23 on 23rd. Love it!

September was very fun since after months of under house arrest, I was able to see old friends. There was a lot of food and drink treats, free rides, and the never ending talks and telltales.  As a result, my energy drained. Still, it was fun, fun, fun!

Right now, Mr. Sunshine is finally out, smiling and sharing the heat. I am almost done with Percy Jackson and the Olympians and though it wasn't as good as with Harry Potter Series, I had fun adventuring with Percy.