A Letter

To You,

I never thought that I'd be making a post since I'd always kept our conversations very private. It's always been You and I. But I've always wanted to do this and as they say, "shout what you feel". On my part, I'll write what I feel. 

I don't intend on making a long post because I still want to keep our conversations as private as possible. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with me. For my stubbornness. For the lack of understanding. For the countless rants. For the immaturity. For the broken promises. For mistrust. For doubting. For being a traitor at times. For being the mean, imperfect me. 

Despite all those, You remained the opposite of who I am. You remain the perfect You. 

Thank You...
I love You...

You're always number one GOD.

Me with 


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