The Commuter

I found commuting one of the greatest hassles in life. A hassle but a remarkable experience.

I've been a commuter almost all my life. Probably started doing it on my own and acquired it as a "skill" when I was a freshman way back in high school. This is one of the effects of selling the family's car plus my siblings's and parents's schedules were conflicting already. I was really nervous back then, afraid that my fare won't be enough or I might get lost. Anyway, as time moves on, I learned the techniques of riding public jeepneys, tricycles, etc and when and how much to pay. It's just a matter of asking and sometimes arguing (kung likas na manggagantso and driver). 

It's one of the hassles of life because...
  1. It's not your vehicle. You have limitations when it comes to destination. 
  2. When the weather is tough and you need to go somewhere else (as in, urgent!), rides are hard to find. 
  3. You get either an insult or a mocking face from the driver if you're trying to complain about being overcrowded. So, you don't really have a choice but to shut up or get out of the vehicle.
  4. There are also those stupid drivers who drive as if they own the way and you hang on for your dear life. At the stop, you get a stressed face and a nauseous feeling. 
  5. At peak hours, you should be vigilant, strong-willed and have those senses ready to either run after the vehicle or get mobbed by fellow commuters.
These are only a few of my bad experiences as being a commuter.

It's a remarkable experience because....
  1. You get to ride (sometimes meet/know) with different people from different walks of life. 
  2.  Free chismis. You get to overhear what the other passenger is talkin' about.
  3.  Free movie. You get to see couples who do public-display-of-affection thingy.
  4. Sometimes, you get to ride with your crush or blessedly, with your lover and hold hands while riding the time of your life. :-D
  5. You have that feeling of solitude where your mind wanders anywhere despite the presence of other commuters and think about the things that happened and will happen.
There's still a lot under this list. Maybe not enough room for that so I just gave five. 

I just commuted today and overcame the fear of sitting at the tricycle's front seat after the incident 8 months ago. I'm glad I did.


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