Happy New Year!

Even before the first strike of 2011, the colorful fireworks display had aleady dominated the starless sky. The air was thick with smoke and our dog was hiding somewhere in the corner scared of the joyous noise. As tradition, we had food on the table for the media noche despite the shaky financial status and is something to be thanked for. It is actually a big blessing considering that there are those who are out in the cold street with only fireworks display to feast their eyes on. 

When I first started this post, my initial thought was to write about new year's resolution because it is what people seem to talk about during this time of the year. However,  I realized that I'm not good at it so I erased the crazy idea. I also considered writing about my rants regarding my virtual boss but he's not worth it no matter how insignificant my blog is. I even started writing about the people who made a big impact in my 2010 life but I can't still find the right words to say. So here I am...

...and maybe it would be better if I just ask:

What will I/you miss about 2010?
And what will 2011 bring?

Great things start from small beginnings-Milo ☺
We all love beginnings and 2011 is here. Let's make it happen this time.
I hope it's not yet too late to say Happy New Year! ☺♥


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