March Madness

My social meter for this month is higher than usual. I've got the opportunity to re-meet, talk, eat and have fun with amazingly wonderful people. 

After many months of not seeing and talking with each other, I finally met up with my BIG (literally :-D) sister. Ate dropped by in town for work and to make the most of her visit, we met up and had sisterly bonding (cheesy).

Bilbil and katabaan moments with Ate!

Also, I got to see my old highschool friends and schoolmates again after 8 long years. We got to reminisce  about the past when days were young and innocent, talk about our lives after highschool, share stories and news about what's currently happening and just say anything stupid. 

Chikahan and takaw moments.

There had been a lot of changes at work. I'd been from phone to chat to phone to chat and now back to phone support. This means that I was transferred from one team to another.It was totally crazy.

Meet my new teammates.
Not only was I able to chitchat with people physically but also virtually. With technology, communication is a whole lot better bridging the distance between family and friends. March 2012 is a pig-out and socially active month.


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