Shepherd, I Thank You

I grew up in an environment that recognizes the significance of Holy Week. My kin's not a band of Saints nor a group of religiously perfect believers. However, everytime this special week comes we're always expected to follow certain Filipino traditions and be the best sheep that we can be. This is one of the best times to contemplate or remember the sacrifices of the great Shepherd, of how He sacrificed His life to save and protect us from eternal damnation. My initial thought in writing this post was to thank someone I know like my mom, my whole family or a friend. But as the thoughts continue to flow and words started to spin, I realized that without the sacrifices and love of our meek, kind and humble Shepherd, we wouldn't be here thanking the people that we love. Therefore, this post is for the only begotten son, Jesus.  He did change my life. How about yours?

I Thank Him. 


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