What's currently happening?

For the past few months, I've been complaining how hot it is and yes, it still is hot as hell where I am at right now. I'm suffering from cough and cold due to this extreme weather and hopefully it will subside soon. But lately there are signs of rain already since summer's going to end in a couple of weeks. I don't know if that is something I should look forward to or not because when it rains here, it rains hard. Since summer's going to say farewell soon, I've bought a cheap voucher online for an end-of-summer getaway to hundred islands, Pangasinan. I'm not saying anything yet but I hope it all goes well. 

I've been telling myself to save since the beginning of year however I am really failing. But I am saying no to negativity because every second is a time to get up and everyday's a fresh new start. I'm not raising the white flag and I'm going to save, save, save!

Everybody's noticing that I am gaining weight and I know they're telling the truth. Alarming!!! I know since the beginning of time that I can't resist the power of food that's why I'd been hitting the gym, jogging or doing cardio exercises. I've got enough time yet I don't know why I'd stopped going to the gym. I really need to do something about this. Therefore, I am saying hello again to gym next next week. :-)

House-life is troubling me lately. As I've indicated before, I'm renting a small space with a roommate. I've got no problem of having a roommate but I wish I'd been lucky enough to have a considerate one. If she reads this,well Hello! This roommate have asked me a favor to have her sibling stay for a month without paying extra before they move in to a new apartment. I took her word and not the slightest bit of hesitation on my part because I have a family too and I understand how Pinoys are so family-oriented. But I never thought that with that favor, she would be tagging misery along with her. When we started living together in one roof, I've noticed her being 10x slobber than I. I took that for granted because that's too shallow of me to think about. But what I can't stand is how her laptop's speaker is set to the highest volume. I've bought headsets for my own because I'm thinking that loud noises would disturb her and our neighboring rooms. Unfortunately, we're not on the same mindset. When her sister came, my slowly deteriorating peace has finally turned to chaos because the noise they create had doubled up. Not only that, I feel like I'm being deprive of space and things I paid for. If she can't pay for an extra head, I would gladly appreciate sensitivity and consideration as a fair enough share. If she can't even afford that, well then, let hell come loose! I'm not the type who wants to be stepped down especially when I know that I have all the rights to complain. I'm not saying anything yet to her because she's an educated woman and I believe that educated people don't need to be told.  I know her sibling's stay will take longer than a month and if nothing changes after giving her hints that I'm not comfortable with all these stuff anymore, then it's time to drop the bomb and I don't care if it'll hurt her or not. I'm hoping things will get better really soon because I don't want any trouble. 

I'm hoping for a better and  happier days ahead. ☺


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