Start Counting

It seemed like yesterday when I was scribbling my first post for August and now I'm doing the same thing except that it's already September. Indeed, days passed by fleetingly unnoticed, even more when something keeps your precious time. Gee, it was a well-spent time on my case putting a big grin on my face. Wee! Keep those stuffs comin'!

Perseverance and hardwork paid off and hopefully will continue to pave way for more. Thanks to Unravel, Experience, my neglected travel blog but unexpectedly my indirect fortune tree. As a sign of my thank you to my travel blog, I wish to go journey to an undiscovered place or anywhere to rejuvenate my dormant Unravel, Experience. Then again, still a wish...soon!

September, start of the BER month. People have begun counting the days for Christmas is near and the year is soon going to end.  Another year means another one year addition to our age. We can never really tell time. I'm getting old! Now, I can really relate to the facebook fanpage that says "Remember when we were YOUNG and couldn't wait to grow up? ...WOW, what the hell were we thinking!?!?"....so damn true!


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