Reason and Purpose

While waiting for a friend's SMS, I busied myself reading tweets in Twitter. I came across this user (we don't follow each other but in real life situation, I know her and vice versa) who tweeted about her not being followed and just posted her blog link. Anyway, after reading her blog, I am really impressed and got me reading into some other blogs and articles/posts. The thing here is, what's my reason for making a blog?

I was introduced to the blogosphere maybe last year but haven't given much interest to it mainly because I don't have spare time.  Earlier this year, I decided to create an account from one of the free hosting sites which is Webs.com but I was kinda having a hard time figuring it's capacities so I signed in for Blogger.com. It was sitting in an empty space for a while, devoid of blogs and posts. 

When I started bumming, I took the time of exploring the wonders of blogging. The first thing that motivated me was to write simply because it has been a passion ever since. After delving deeper into the the world of blogging, I thought, why not earn while doing what I want? I tried putting ads and stuffs on my blog as well as created posts not related to me but no success owing to a lack of research and I must admit, what am I compared to the veteran bloggers out there? So I accepted the fact that my blog is only meant for reading and not earning. After giving much thought about it, what's really my purpose for continuing the blog?

I don't really have a target audience and not much of a follower but my purpose of continuing my blog is for self satisfaction. For feeding the hunger in me due to the cravings of  passion. Though I may not always update it and comes/may come to a point where it was/will be dormant for days or months, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll end my passion. It will be sitting and hanging here 'til I post something. 

Blog to some is like an online counterpart. There are times when it is  left hanging or no changes until we figure something out.:-D


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