Cyber Love

You beeped "Hi" and my "Hello" shifted from sappy jokes to maudlin visions of romance.
I hate cheesy conversations but ours just tickled my walled and calloused heart.
I asked for the truth but you chose to deceive me.
I soared into cloud nine but you pulled me down with your lie.
Your avowals drowned me but your melancholic past breathed air into my choking heart.
And I gave you that second chance we both deserve. I can't help it, I have affinity for the broken.
Maybe because I see a part of me in you that was never loved, trying to fit in and hungry for home.
I decided to love you despite it all and when I saw your imperfections, I have loved you even more.  
It was a choice up to now I'm elated to have made.
Even though you are someone from the other side of my monitor, I have learned to love you.
I love you not because our dirty talks aroused me but because your intelligence is sexy.
I love you not because you have wits but because your silly jokes make me genuinely laugh.
It seems like I have known you my entire life and we agree on almost anything.
I love to hear your voice and pixelated face at night.
I love how your voice sounds, so boyish and sweet although it cracks sometimes due to crappy connections.
I love the way you sweep off your bangs and how you grin although at times it freezes.
I love you not because of the superficial things you can offer me.
But it's because of the admirable traits you don't know you have.
And finally, when I saw, held and kissed you that night, I just knew it was you. 
To me you are amazing. I wonder why some people can't see that but I guess that's their problem, not yours.
I am glad my impulsive typing on the keyboard turned a simple Hi into quixotic I love yous and a promise of forever. 
I love you my cyber love and I'm looking forward to our infinity. 


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