Thoughts are in disarray like this chaotic head of mine. I want them organized, put them into writing and  transform them into a poem so sublime it'll make you envisage that it's all about you. Yet you keep running in my head, round and round. You make me forget the words but I'd trade those thousand words just to see your silhouette.  Your visage radiates in my head it blinds me but in a good way. Don't you ever get tired? I don't think so because I won't let you. I want you there. No, I love you in there even if it meant sleepless nights. You wake me up in the wee hours and it seems prevalent these past months. You are my first thought. I wake up because of you. It's always you. I love you and I never want to end this euphoria, not today, not in forever. The fire you kindled in my heart is always burning, walloping. I wish you could see it, feel it.

I love you and I miss you. Everyday. Believe me when I say I do.


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