Quarter Life Crisis

The year 2012 was another year of  fulfilling dreams, changes, heartaches, realizations, moving forwards, independencies and having fun at the same time. Well, at least for me. It was my silver year and although I consider 25 to be still a young age, I admit I'm alarmed at times thinking about what's ahead of me. Yes, I really had a great time and am still enjoying the life and opportunities being offered as a single and young woman but there's a nagging feeling in me of what would it be after all these? I guess this kind of feeling is normal at this stage since many of my peers have started to settle down already. However, this doesn’t mean I want to get married soon. What I'm feeling is about establishing a good and well-off life for the future. This is probably one of life's crisis that we need to face. Quarter life crisis lang ang drama? Maybe. So to keep me a happy bee, I will enjoy life as it is and at the same time start setting long term goals and take them seriously. *wink


Anonymous said...

sus.. naa jud ka hidden desire na mg-asawa... yudisota!

Sue said...

hanapi ko kano charks bi..hehehe

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