Perfecta Turns Gold

I was actually planning of writing a long post for my mom to show how much she is appreciated but I thought twice for I believe that it is better to show gratitude in action rather than write flowery words that cost nothing as compared to my mom's well done job. So here is a short poem for her that I would like to share to serve as a production number. The main show is comin' up later.

Peace and serenity is all I want for you, hope you'll have that for eternity.
Eyes are reflection of your wizened years, more glorious years to come.
Rain, flood won't tear you up, I know you're sturdier beyond your frail body.
Face that laughs when happy and cries when sad, the face I'll never forget.
Egos and prides you dont have when it comes to family, highly appreciated.
Cured us with your care and love, your the best doctor.
Trusting and a person who doesn't ask anything in return, so unselfish!
Above all, your the best mom, words are not enough.



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