Here Comes July

June was over and here comes July. June wasn't kind of bad as I thought it would. I have discovered a lot of hidden talents, if those are talents and devoured myself into reading and writing, all geeky stuffs. Good thing, at least I did something productive. The use of the internet has always been useful. I don't think I can live longer without it now that I have tasted it's unrelenting spices. What a description but I found it appropriate to describe "internet". I had also missed a lot of opportunities adding more twists and turns into my winding, road-like existence. Plotted new plans that hopefully and eventually will come into a beautiful reality.

Now that June was over, I would be looking forward to millions of stuffs this month of July. Important, insignificant, detailed and nonspecific. Regardless, something to keep my cup brewing. Isn't that exciting? I am still broke like a rat. I can smell green in the air but I just can't seem to grab it. It's like your neighbor is cooking your favorite food and the only thing you could do is smell but unable to taste it. How frustrating but that's how money works. You need to work hard for it. I am still discovering the wonders of blogging. Improve traffic, get cash. Get cash? How am I going to get cash the easy way through blogging? Again, you need to work hard for money. I am running in circles, getting nowhere.  

July, july, july! Oh yeah, Mom's Golden year! I would be writing something about that maybe later of this month. I have come across on how to make oatmeal cookie, polvoron and recycle old t-shirts. The only thing lacking is action to make solid proofs of those and July would be the month. I need to slough off my stubborness and menopausal attitude this month and forever! I think I'd be writing about happy posts this time unlike my June posts, they're pretty gloomy and negative I guess. Maybe something about productivity or maybe not. I'll just publish what's available.

Positivity! Happy thoughts! More posts! These are things I'm going to need this month! Aye, aye!


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