Cool Off

7:44pm..The time on my computer. Not that late yet so I decided to check my withering blog. Unfortunately, due to my being a moron, which I think is innate has stroke again. I deleted one my supposed posts and it really pissed me off. Anyway, this past days I noticed that the posts I'd been putting on my blog are all the same. I couldn't really explain but one thing for sure, these days I've decided to take a vacation from writing. Cool off, I guess if compared to relationships. Not this month but sooner. I'll take it slowly for I can't seem to find the deep words I've been cerebrating. It's like I've written them for the purpose of putting something on my blog. Besides, I think and hope that I'll be bound somewhere to fulfill my dreams and maybe remove "un" from unfullfilled, take a shot on second chances. I should end my quite sedentary lifestyle here at home because reality is banging at my door and I can't seem to ignore it any longer. Too much drama!->superlative to the highest level!

I finished Anne Rice's Mayfair Chronicles, took me a month to read all the three books which is way overdue. There's still a lot of books to finish and explore.So right now, I'll try to finish those good reads. It's 8:10pm. Another overdue for a short post.


Amie said...


You're still too young and you have the whole world ahead of you. Just make sure to enjoy whatever you're doing (including writing) and don't let anything pressure you. Reading is a very good way to spend your precious time. Keep it up!

Sue said...

well-given advice auntie..hehehe!i'll keep this in mind.thank you!

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