Welcoming 2012!


2012 is here. I was just reading my old post way back Jan/11 and there was a part there where I've asked "what will 2011 bring?"  2011 was a great year for maybe a lot of us. We may have had ups and downs but look at us, we had survived another year and welcomed 2012 with warmth, smiles and excitement. Personally, it was a challenging year for me but it was also the year when I made some of my dreams become a reality. I made some of them happen and yes it was pretty exciting and I when I look back and think about my experiences, I must say I made it through life with flying colors! What I've learned about the past year is to never give up and this year, I'm going to make more of my dreams come true. 

My mindset this year is to: 

photo taken from bianca's blog.
Dreams are there to guide us, leading us to where we want to be and what we can be. They are our north star and can make the impossible possible. We need to keep on dreaming!

Love is inevitable. It sustains us, make us weak but at the same time, make us strong making life more interesting and it's the reason why we keep on living. Love and be loved!

Travel for me this year is about traversing the road of life. Whatever or whomever I may encounter in this journey will only make my life more colorful and exciting. Travel and always move forward!

I've always said that I'm one of the lamest when it comes to New Year's Resolution but here I am making one.

1. Less self-love and more love for others
2. Save!
3. Make my two new year's resolutions happen! :-P

2012, bring it on!


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