I am back again in my own little virtual turf. Not only I come here for passion. Many of my sojourns here are elicited by emotions I can't contain. Writing is perhaps one of the most stress-relieving activities there is especially for those who love to write. Now, I feel melancholic, dejected and hurt. I yearn to vacillate these emotions into deep words that reach the core of the heart. Yet oftentimes, words are not enough to express what we truly feel. Mr. Sunshine is gone and the clouds are rolling in ready to pour the rain. As I add more words, I feel like I am being squeezed tighter and tighter until probably I can't breathe. Hurt can pull even the strongest person down and brings us to our worst. It can leave scars that will mar our hearts forever but when we look at the brighter side, it will make us stronger and more capable. We get hurt but we'll get by eventually.


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