Love Month

I wonder why people are so ecstatically inlove everytime February comes when every month can be a love month. There should be no special month to love because love can sweep us off our feet anytime of the day unexpectedly. However, that Valentine fever was fun. A lot of people seemed so happy, glowing with love and so eager to tell their love stories. Anyway, this month's a stressful month for me at work and I barely had enough sleep due to a crazy shifting schedule. More self discovery as well and travel plans in mind. Speaking of travel plans, I can finally go home middle of this year and something I really look forward to. Yey! This year, I hope to go to places I've never been to. Starting off, Laguna.

After tackling a lot of stressful things at work lately, it's refreshing to unwind, relax and have a great laugh.

*From Makati,Metro Manila, it would take around an hour or two to reach the province of Laguna including light traffic. There are public buses around Quezon City that one can take but we opted to rent a van for convenience. Upon reaching the vicinity, you can already see the beautiful Mount Makiling towering the town. Laguna is known not only as the birthplace of the Philippine's National Hero but also for its hotspring resorts. In Pansol, Calamba City where we are headed, I noticed that streets were narrow. Since Calamba City is known as the resort capital of the Philippines, you will be overwhelmed with so many private resort choices once you're there. The trend is, you will rent the whole resort so that you and your family or friends can have fun and dip in the water privately. All you have to do is pay for the place which includes a pool, rooms, kitchen, recreation area, etc. Food? You need to  bring your own food and beverages and cook your own dish.This is great for group or family outings, teambuildings and anything of that sort.

It's a leap year and my 2nd year on Blogger! Cheers! To celebrate, I've changed the look of my blog to a simple yet elegant-looking theme. I'm loving it and more years to come for my blogs.

I'm just happy today because I woke up from a long slumber of deception. I realized that I've been chasing the wrong things when I should be letting the right things catch me. Now everything's perfectly clear to me and thanks for the experience, I've learned something new. More great things to come and I'll just enjoy life wherever it leads me.  ☺


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